Sports Injuries – Kids

sports injuies kids duncan scWhat sport do you think causes the most dental injuries with kids? If you guessed football… you are right.

The ADA estimated that faceguards and mouth guards prevent approximately 200,000 injuries each year in high school and college football alone. The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry states the children between the ages of 7-11 are the most susceptible to injury. When all is said and done, it is up to parents to ensure their kids are protected during practices and games at a younger age and train their kids of the importance of wearing #mouth guards when they are older and on their own.

At Chadwell Orthodontics our goal is to ensure parents and patients are well informed when it comes to the importance of wearing a mouth guard during any type of contact sport to protect their beautiful smile over a lifetime. Once adult teeth erupt, there are no second chances. Wearing a mouth guard can make the difference between losing or fracturing a tooth which requires a lifetime of #dental repair or owning your own pearly white smile.Read More

Braces or Invisalign…That is the Question

Considering orthodontic treatment to create the beautiful smile you always dreamed of? It is a big decision and one that requires research if you are considering Invisalign as an alternative to traditional braces. Both will lead to your new smile, but the roads traveled are quite different.

Braces or Invisalign Duncan SC

Everyone is familiar with braces that are available in both metal and clear ceramic brackets so let’s just discuss Invisalign. One of the primary reasons people choose Invisalign is that they are self-conscious about wearing braces and the aligners are nearly undetectable when worn. Most people won’t even notice you are wearing them. And, contrary to belief or despite what you have heard, your speech sounds fine to others in a very short period of time once you get used to wearing the Invisalign aligner.Read More

Bullying And Orthodontics

A person’s teeth and smile are the first features people notice when you walk into a room. A recent study published in the American Journal of
Orthodontics & Dentofacial Orthopedics showed that having “ugly” teeth plays a huge part in childhood bullying. According to the study, teeth were the number 1 targeted physical feature of bullies, followed by strength and weight.

The correlation between self-esteem and a person’s smile is commonly known among orthodontists, and isn’t just true for children, but can affect people of all ages and status.

Did you know Tom Cruise was a victim of smile bullying? He has had orthodontic treatment twice to fix his teeth. The first time was as a child to straighten his teeth and broaden his smile, and once again as an adult to correct a midline discrepancy.

Bullying Duncan SC Read More

Retainers – An Investment in the Future of Your Smile

Retainers Duncan SCAfter orthodontic treatment is completed at Chadwell Orthodontics, retainers are the finishing touch to maintain your beautiful new smile while the teeth stabilize and over a lifetime of good oral health.

An orthodontic retainer is a custom-fit device that is removable or bonded depending upon the patient’s individual needs. It is your insurance policy your teeth stay put in their new positions if worn as instructed. Read More